Core Classes

  • Biblical Counseling and Discipleship

    This course gives a practical understanding of how to participate in the discipleship arena in a meaningful way by creating a plan for life change while demonstrating love, compassion, wisdom, and Biblical truth. 

  • Hermeneutics: Studying and Interpreting God’s Word

    This course will introduce students to core inductive Bible study tools, including observation, interpretation, application, and correlation while teaching them how to apply these tools to their daily walk with the Lord, as well as where they teach. 

  • Systematic Theology I

    This course examines what the Bible teaches regarding four areas of doctrine: the Bible, God, Man, and Salvation. The students will learn the value of a systematic study of God’s Word to discern how to live, think, serve, and worship God. 

  • Systematic Theology II

    This course will examine what the Bible teaches in these five areas: Salvation, Christ, The Holy Spirit, Christ’s Church, and Last Things. A continued focus will be placed on how students are to live as a result of a deepening understanding of these topics.

  • Biblical Teaching : Communicating Biblical Truth

    This course is designed to train believes to prepare, present, and evaluate expository messages, covering the following topics: Teaching, Teachers, and Exposition. This class is open to both men and women.